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Advantages of a Flat-Rate Pricing Mobile Model

Whenever a new idea is created, just know that an entrepreneur has seen an opportunity and they want to capitalize on it. But we all know that even the best idea that is deemed as being the most innovative idea can pose a challenge for either its managers or promoters to achieve the required sales if they do not set prices that are attractive to the targeted customers. Thus, this has lead to the emergence of flat-rate pricing which has been applied mostly to mobile communication payment. Thus flat rate model of pricing can be described as a model where the mobile communication service provider charges a fixed amount or rate for the services offered instead of charging it either in an hourly or monthly basis for the use of the service.

Besides the model being popular in communication, it is also commonly used in other service industry sectors like in legal services, creative services and also in the shipping industry. In this article, we are going to look at some of the advantages that an individual or business can get by adopting a flat rate pricing mobile model.


prepaid flat ratesOne of the major advantage and reason that has made this model this popular is that is that when a flat fee is applied to a particular service, it is not only transparent, but it is also easy to understand. As a flat rate customer, you will not be subjected to any hidden charges or changes that can be brought due to change in tariffs. For instance, if your mobile service provider charges a particular figure for voice call services it will be easy for a customer to make an establishment of whether they can afford the services that are within that price range. However, if you use a mobile service that applies hourly rates or rates that vary from time to time, then it is a possibility to realize later that the service is more expensive than you initially thought.

There is more focus on productivity

Another very conspicuous advantage of flat-rate pricing model is that when you pay a flat fee for mobile services you are rewarded in both the quality of service that you receive and its reliability. When you pay a mobile service provider on a flat rate service, they will work extra hard in the form of service that they provide plus the infrastructure that they lay for their service to ensure that they deliver the best service that they can. This is meant to hook you up with them so that at the end of your contract with them you will be enthusiastic about renewing your engagement.

Convenience in payment

When you are subscribed to a mobile service that charges you on a flat rate without any prior contract, for instance, prepaid allnet flat without contract works very well and makes it easier for you to subscribe and exit anytime you want without any hassles. These are some of the advantages that one can get from being a consumer of flat-rate pricing mobile model.

GoPrro drone

Top Rated Drones For GoPro Cameras

There are different designs and models of drones on the market. The manufactures companies of these products are releasing their new gadgets in the market every year. Choosing a suitable one can be a daunting process especially for those individuals who don’t understand their features. Having a quality gadget will greatly help in improving the performance of your GoPro camera. Researching on the different products can take a lot of time. This article has compiled the top drones for gopro in the uk.

3DR Solo Aerial Drone

aerial drrone

This is one of the new generations of the smart drones. It has been designed using advanced technology. It has a multi-functional remote control unit that is used in controlling it. It can be connected to other multiple devices and use them simultaneously. It also features a 3DR Solo app from which all its functions are operated through. It has a 1 GHz processor and a short, smart ability. For better results, you can buy an additional 3-Axis Gimbal for this gadget. Using this drone, you can easily control the GoPro camera. This has made it ideal for aerial photography. You can also tilt the camera, increase or decrease its speed.

DJ Phantom 2

This is one of the higher-end GoPro compatible drones that provide perfect synchronization with the GoPro cameras. It is known for offering a longer flight period and flexible flight patterns. Its payload is designed for the low-weight action cameras. Its view range is about 300 meters. Besides, this gadget has a reliable battery making it very convenient. It is designed with useful accessories that help in keeping the camera safe and stable. It has a flight time of about twenty five minutes. This has made it perfect for action shooting.

XT-XINTE GPS Quadcopter CX-20 GoPro

Quadcopter drone

This is another drone that is highly rated. It is relatively cheap as compared to Phantom 2. Its flight time is about ten to fifteen minutes. It is designed with auto pathfinder functions and high intelligent orientation control. It has a compact design that makes it very attractive. In fact, this gadget can be packed easily for easy transport. It comes with an external mount in which the GoPro is attached. Additionally, it has two flight modes- hover and holds functions that enable the user to capture outstanding videos or images of his or her choice.

Parrot AR Drone

This is an advanced gadget that is Wi-Fi controlled. It is widely used for the GoPro cameras. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor flights. This has made it an ideal option for aerial photography. It has thirty six minute time flight. It features four sets of propellers that are helpful in providing additional flexibility and stability.