Must Have Software in Your Laptop


Living in this technology era, almost everyone has a laptop either for school, work, and entertainment purposes, a computer can also help you with your everyday needs. Without a computer, it will be hard to fit in and have a place in the society because a lot of things will require you to work using your laptop. You probably already have some of the software and applications like a browser to surf the internet, note or memo to take notes, and many else. But it’s not enough for your daily activities, install these are applications to utilize your laptop even more.

Video Downloader

computerWithout this app, you won’t be able to save online videos, and that can be a problem. As long as it is on the internet, there is no guarantee that it will be there forever. If the owner of the video or the website decided to delete it, you could never watch it again. So it’s safer to have youtube video downloader, and you can have all of your favorite videos offline on your laptop. It’s useful for archive, so the videos are organized, and you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

Photo Editor

You may not be a photographer or an art student, but a photo editor can give you something to do whenever you are bored. Not to mention that the application is useful for editing pictures that you need for work or school presentation, or any project that requires you to make a poster and marketing content is also excellent.

Video Editor

laptopOne of the most popular things to do at the moment is to be on Youtube. The video editor will be useful for you to edit videos even if you are not a Youtuber, you can use it to make a montage of special moments for someone’s birthday or anniversary of you and your loved ones. If you are not into the idea, the skill to edit videos is useful to help a lot of people, and maybe you can offer a service to get some money as well.


If you are someone who gets easily bored, get a game to entertain yourself. There are many options, and anyone can find a game that they will like even if that person is not a gamer. First, maybe you can search for suggestions and look up reviews on the internet before downloading/purchasing the game. Just don’t get lost track of time when you play the game because this often time happens.